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      We consider our customers to be a part of our family. That's why we offer a 30% discount to a variety of qualified individuals.

      The only things we need are your nameemail address, and a form of proof that you qualify! When applying, please be sure to censor any sensitive information. We don't need to see your social security number or your mother's maiden name!

      The following is a list of those who qualify for our discount program: 

      • Veterans
      • Teachers
      • Disabled Individuals
      • First Responders
      • Health Care Workers
      • Low Income Individuals
      • Flavor Ban-Affected Individuals

      Please note: This program is also open to international customers! 



      A US flag is to the left of the text. "Veterans" is above the bullet points: "DD214", "Driver’s license (if your state does a veteran stamp)",  "VA Card", and "Active military ID". An apple on top of two books is to the left of the text. "Teachers" is above the bullet points: "ID badge from your place of employment" and "Pay stub showing the name of your employer"

       A fireman's helmet is to the left of the text. "First Responders" is above multiple sets of bullet points. Beneath "EMT/EMS" is: "State license", "Training certificate", and "ID Card". Below "Firefighters" is: "ID card", "Training certificate", and "Membership card". Underneath "Law Enforcement Officers" is: "ID card",  "Pay stub showing the name of your employer",  and "Federal LEOs may use their SF-50".

      A graphic of a hospital building is to the left of the text. "Health Care Workers" is above bullet points that read: "ID badge from your place of employment" and "Pay stub showing the name of your employer".

       The disabled icon is to the left of the text. "Disabled Individuals" is above the bullet points: "Signed letter from a medical professional or agency", "SSDI letter", and "Proof of disability check deposit".

       A graphic of money and a downwards pointing arrow is to the left of the text. "Low Income Individuals" is above the bullet points: "EBT Card AND an ID matching the name on the card", "Medicaid Card", and "Social Security Benefit Verification Letter"

      The text reads "Flavor Bans", with bullet points underneath: "Drivers License" and "Picture or copy of lease". The shapes of the states affected by the flavor bans are lined up on the bottom of the page: New Jersey, New York, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Delaware, Illinois, and California.



      1. Create or login to an existing Fog Factory HR account.

      2. Email your supporting document(s) to from the same email that you used to register for your account.

      Once approved, the discount will be automatically applied every time that you place an order using your Fog Factory HR account! 



      Our discount program provides qualified individuals with a 30% discount on every purchase that they make with us. The discount provided by the program cannot be used on top of any other coupons or offers.

      To access the discount, you must create a Fog Factory HR account and use it when making your purchase. This allows us to keep track of which customers are and aren't qualified to receive the discount.

      After submitting the information required for application, please allow 24 hours in order for program approval to be granted.

      Refunds will not be given on any orders that were placed before or during the approval process.

      Fog Factory HR reserves the right to change, modify, or expand this program and its approved users without notice.